Mission & Vission



Andhra Christian College, Guntur was founded with the mission to provide the youth of the country in general,and of Guntur and the surrounding districts in particular, the high quality education with Christian values.The vision of the institution is to provide holistic and quality education and to inculcate Christian values, empowering them with good character and a strong  personality , to foster a spirit of service and patriotism, to instil an abiding sense of respect towards the  sacredness of the human personality , to promote gender equality, to motivate and inspire academic excellence, to provide career guidance and  counselling and training in skills employing a proper blend of conventional methods of teaching and   E-Learning , pre-requisite for employability both in the  public and private sectors. The vision of the institution was to train men and women to inculcate a spirit of service for the best interest of their fellows and their country. The vision and mission of the institution is made evident in the motto, the emblem and the statue.


“…Ye Shall Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

(Knowledge of the Truth liberates humanity from the bondage of ignorance.)


" The lotus flower with a candle in its centre ".

The lotus that germinates out of mud stands tall atop the surface of water in the pond signifying truthfulness, simplicity and chastity, while the candle symbolizes dissemination of knowledge and dispelling ignorance..


“St. George and the dragon” is an allegorical expression of triumph of Truth over falsehood and of Knowledge over ignorance.

Objectives of the Institution: