Year of Establishment :

The Department of History, A.C.  College was started in 1941 and Dr.N.Isaac was the head of the Department. The History Department was the combined Department of History, Economics and Political Science since 1956 and then trifuricated as three Departments separately.

Courses Offered:

B.A.General (3 years) English and Telugu Medium

Admission Procedure:

Admissions are made by College admissions committee for each Academic year.

Affiliated to:

Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur

Built up Area:

The Department of History was situated in the A.C. College Campus.

This area was also known as Annex Block

Objectives/Goals of the Department:-

As the college happened to be a Christian Minority institution, vast majority of the students in our department come from poor Socio-Economic backgrounds. Almost all the students are scholarship holders whose parents are mostly daily labours.

The Academic standards of the students of Intermediate level also were not very high. Another draw back of the system in that all the students are from Telugu Medium and hence, they are unable to communicate in English. In spite of all these draw backs, the teacher taught very effectively in both Media and well trained to face the University examinations by way of conducting monthly tests, Mid-term examinations and student assignments as a result the students are scoring high marks in the University level examinations. Students are active in extra curricular activities.

This is the main objectives or goals of the History Department.

Extra curricular and co-curricular activities of the department:-

All the members of the Department are active participants of various extra curricular activities organized by the Government as well as the Management.

            Previously we have actively participated in programmes like, Janmabhoomi, clean and green, Aids awareness, programmes and officiated as presiding officers in the Assembly, Parliament elections. Our department faculty is actually participated in ‘swatcha Bharat’ Programme which was conducted by Andhra Christian college.

Academic activities of the Department :-

It is a regular future of the Department to conduct student seminars guest lectures, study projects etc.

Student seminars :

                         The Department conducts, students seminars on important topics covered in various papers during preceding month. The students are encouraged to interact and express their opinions during the seminars. Teachers take tuition classes to the students and clarified doubts on their subjects.


Alumni of the Department :

                         It is a matter great pleasure place on record that the Department of History has produced great people of eminence various high administrative and Acadamic positions.

                         Sri.Subba Rao I.A.S. student of our Department, who was worked as District Collector and first class Magistrate in Adilabad District. Sri.M.Prasada Rao presently working as Regional Joint Director of Guntur is also student of our college.

At present 11 lecturers of P.G.and U.G.(History) of our college are the products of this department. A good number of History lecturers of various colleges in south coastal Andhra are the products of this department.

Future plans of the Department  :

                         The History Department should continue all the all practices which were mentioned. In addition to that new techniques and ideas should also be included for the benefit of the students. By that the name and fame will be gained not only to the department but also to the entire A.C. College.




Extension activities of the department and faculty :-

The Department is having full pledged furniture for the teaching faculty. We are having one L.E.D. projector for three Departments History, Economics and Politics. It is very useful for the students of our college.

List of Retired Staff

Name Qualification Experience
Dr.N.Isaac M.A., Phd. 35 years
Dr.C.Devadanam M.A., Phd. 33 years
Dr.N.Chiranjevi M.A., Phd.
Sri.P.Sundara Rao M.A. 13 years
Sri.T.Sridhana Rao M.A., M.Phil 25 years
Dr.T.S.V.Prasada Rao M.A., Phd. 23 years
Sri.B.Ratnam M.A., M.Phil 31 years
Prof.N.Samuel M.A., Phd. 26 years
Mrs.N.Manikyama M.A. 22 years
Sri.M.Mohan Das Kumar M.A. 23 years
Mrs.M.M.Sri Lakshmi M.A. 30 years
Mrs.D.Prasanna M.A. 21 years
Mrs.R.R.Kumari M.A., M.Phil 34 years
Sri.M.J.Jaya Prasad M.A., M.Phil 30 years
Sri.P.C.Chandra Paul M.A.B.ed 30 years
Sri.G.J.Mohan Rao M.A. 33 years

Faculty individual Profile :

1)         Dr.D.George Raju, M.A.Phd.

            Ph.D.Awarded ch.4-7-1999 by Acharya Nagarjuna University

2)         Reader designated on 4-7-1999

3)         Head Department of History A.C. College for two terms.


            Christianity in making of Modern India. (A study with special reference to Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, A.D. 1850-1950)

            Life member of Indian History congress life member of Andhra History congress. Member of Board of studies to Acharya Nagarjuna University in 2013.

Attended south Indian History Congress at University of Pune in 1988.

Attended Andhra History Congress, Warangal 1989 and submitted a paper ‘Ideas of education and Social reforms in Modern Andhra with reference to’ Saaks Attended Indian History Congress Calcutta in 1990.

            Attended Indian History Congress at Srinagar.

            Attended Andhra History Congress, Nellore.

            Attended Indian History Congress at Goa.

            Attended Indian History congress Gorkahpur completed 4 refresher courses. Attended National Seminar on recent trends in Mathematical sciences and future project organized by the Department of Mathematics, A.C. College, Guntur during 10th and 11th December, 2014.

2)         Mrs. G.Jayanthi Kumari, M.A.B.ed

            Participates in college administration

3)         Mrs. T.Y.Mani Kumari, M.A., M.ed.

Also participates in every college Administration. Presently warden of stock, hall(ladies Hostel since 2013).                      

4)         Mr.K.S.Jaya Kumar-M.A.B.L.

            Faculty at Guntur, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Mahaboobnagar, study circles for backward classes and scheduled in Andhra Pradesh.    

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